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Who we are


We strive to bring light to families in uniform and their children, just like our founder, John and his daughters.

Hero Kids Foundation was founded on the realization that nature – specifically, horses – can do a lot of good for a family’s overall communication and bond. Our nature-based approach to therapy, including equine therapy, surf and kayak excursions and family counseling, helps families of first responders, military and law enforcement connect with one another, restore communication and thrive as a unit. 


YEARS OF bringing light to those serving at home

Our Mission

To bring light to the first responder, EMT, firefighter, military and law enforcement families serving their communities across Hampton Roads through nature-based therapies.

Our Values

Family first
Together as one
Nature heals

Our Vision

To continue serving families through the development of our programs and our new equine therapy center located in Suffolk, Virginia.

Our community partners